Trees for the Future:

Neighborhood Power Corporation has partnered with Trees for the Future to help plant trees around the world to aid in the reforestation of our planet.  As a renewable energy and primarily solar company we spend the bulk of our time focused on converting sunlight into electricity to offset the need for fossil fuel energy sources.  Few things are as efficient at this process of converting sunlight into usable energy than Trees.  So we have pledged to plant 100 trees for every new solar project we develop and 10 trees for every monthly payment we receive from our customers who purchase the power from these projects.

 If you are interested in how you can help the reforestation effort, please visit our tree planting partners at

Since January 1, 2013 through Trees for the Future, NPC has planted 10,000 trees!

About Trees for the Future:

Since 1989, Trees for the Future ( has been helping communities around the world plant trees. Through seed distribution, agroforestry training, and our country programs, we have empowered rural groups to restore tree cover to their lands. Planting trees protects the environment and helps to preserve traditional livelihoods and cultures for generations.

Trees for the Future has helped to create sustainable and productive communities throughout the world since 1989. We do this by teaching and empowering rural groups to grow sustainable, renewable forests for agriculture and food, firewood, construction, water collection and filtration and animal habitat.

Trees for the Future does this though free distance training programs and teams of dedicated individuals in the field who train, support and facilitate hope for members of communities to build better lives for themselves.

Trees Planted by Trees for the Future:


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Our Paperless Mission:

Neighborhood Power Corporation is working throughout its operational sectors to be a paperless company to reduce our impact on natural systems and run more efficiently.  NPC has created complete paperless transactions starting with our secure electronic signing systems that allow customers to sign all of our transactional documents using a secure third party system ( that ensures the accuracy and security of the transaction and provides all parties with an electronic pdf copy of the executed document upon signing.

 All of our project tracking, record keeping, accounting, and document creation is done online using cloud based systems so that every member of our team can access company resources from anywhere in the world.  Our invoicing and billing is done electronically using convenient and secure systems.  We accommodate our customers who insist on paper invoices and check based payment, but continuously invite them to join our paperless mission.

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