Join A Public Private Partnership With Neighborhood Power Corporation:

Run on clean renewable energy produced on your site with no money down and a lower monthly fee than you are already paying.  Low fixed rate power purchase agreements and solar equipment leases now available.  Contact Neighborhood Power for a free in-depth analysis of solar on your facility.

Many of the advantages of solar are tax benefit driven.  In fact 60%+ of the cost of solar system are offset by tax advantages.  Neighborhood Power has developed several investment vehicles to facilitate the liquidation of these tax benefits by private investors so municipal entities can benefit from the lower price of solar, which they would not be able to achieve on their own.


Don’t miss this teachable moment.  Cut costs not teachers with Neighborhood Power

Municipal Facilities:

Clean up your operations and lead the way in your communities with Neighborhood Power.


Reach your renewable portfolio standards and goals with Neighborhood Power


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